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Archive | February, 2016

JNPT Chairman inaugurates the Port Training Centre Seminar, BSN Network / Mumbai

JNPT Chairman inaugurates the Port  Training Centre  Seminar  BSN Network / Mumbai     |     Mon, Feb 22, 2016 Shri  Anil  Diggikar,  Chairman,  JNPT,   inaugurated  the  JNPT-APEC  Port  Training Centre  Seminar  that  was held  from  February  15  to  February  20,  2016.  The  main  objective  behind  this seminar  is  to  share  the  experience  and  expertise  amongst the  Port  professional  in  India  &  Asia. […]

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Official inauguration of the February 2016 course JNPT-APEC port training centre

During a ceremony in Mumbai, and after speeches by Shri Anil Diggikar, chairman JNPT, HE Mr Pieter De Crem, Belgian State Secretary for Foreign Trade, Mr Marc Van Peel, President of the Port of Antwerp officially opened the February course of the JNPT – APEC port training centre with a lecture on “Country and Regional […]

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‘Govt should play the role of landlord port’

Mark Van Peel, President of Antwerp Port, the second largest European port owned by the local government, feels that while government should play the role of landlord port, concessions or development rights to private investors should be given based on welfare parameters rather than raising maximum funds. In an interview, Peel, who is visiting India, […]

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Belgian State Secretary for Foreign Trade and President Antwerp Port Authority will give guest lectures during the February Course

During the February course on Strategy, Policy and Business Development, H.E. Mr Pieter De Crem, Belgian State Secretary for Foreign trade and Member of Parliament will address the course particpants during a guest lecture. At the same occasion, Mr Marc Van Peel, President of the Antwerp Port Authority and President of APEC, the Antwerp/Flanders Port […]

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