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JNPT-Antwerp Port Training and Consultancy Foundation:  Building skills and knowledge to better manage and operate ports and terminals and bring added value to customers.

Since the start of the Port Training Center in Sheva – India in 2015, multiple port and terminals professionals participated in the training courses. Well experienced faculty share their knowledge and experience with all participants to enable them to perform better and achieve higher customer satisfaction and performance of their ports and terminals.

The JNPT – Antwerp Port Training and Consultancy Foundation is a cooperation between JNPT (Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust), APEC the Antwerp/Flanders Port Training Centre and the Port of Antwerp. Registrations are open to participants from Major Port Trusts, Private Ports and Terminals in India and from ports and terminals abroad. Apart from the key aspects of port operations, the underlying focus is to enhance and develop skills for Business development Strategies and Marketing and also instilling behavioural changes to lead effectively in the fast-changing business environment.

Training facilities

Training is conducted in the completely renovated and dedicated building in the port premises in Sheva Mumbai, India. The training centre is equipped with modern audio-visual teaching aids. For the interactive workshops participants benefit from the dedicated breakout rooms.


The training centre accomodates participants from ports and terminals coming from the public and the private sector, logistics operators, port consultants, port authorities and port related government bodies. Senior management, policy makers, operational management, middle management learn acquire concrete skills and knowledge that they put to the practice in their working environment immediately.

Course program

The full training programme for the current year is available here: Course programme