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Contact us to learn how you will benefit from our training programs.

If you require more information regarding your registration and all kinds of practical matters (accommodation, additional information), you can always contact the staff of JNPT:

Mr. Bharat Madhavi – Assistant Manager (HRD) – India
Contact details: bharatmadhavi@jnport.gov.in – Mobile: +91 8169990290

If you require more information on course content and topics, you can always the staff of APEC-PAI:

Mr. Ken Houtevelts – Project Executive and Key Account Indian Subcontinent for APEC
Contact details: ken.houtevelts@portofantwerp.com – Mobile: +32 3 205 22 19

Mr. Koen Cornilly – Manager Port Projects for PAI
Contact details: koen.cornilly@portofantwerp.com – Mobile: +32 493 315 006